111 Canterbury Road
ME10 4JA
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Canterbury Road Surgery

It is easy to be dazzled by snazzy face value ratings.

There are a number of sites, listed here, however see the 'health warning' below.

It is obligatory to display the CQC rating from April 2015

The CQC has found the practice..

Meeting the standards in 2014
Inadequate in 2016
Requires Improvement in 2017
Good in 2018

Data Health Warning

After two years of corresponding with NHS.uk and the CQC, the information published by the organisations has improved.

However, from 2018 the GPPS is no longer collecting information about doctors and nurses separately, but is lumping all 'healthcare professionals' together, so you will no longer be able to see the score of the doctors in the surgeries. Oddly the NHS website who was already displaying this still refers to "confidence and trust in the GP" instead of "the healthcare professional" (2018).

The CQC has made vast improvement s in the way they use and display data on practices, see our 2017 video on You tube for the details of ongoing problems with the information the CQC publishes on practices.

Comparing practices based on the responses of patients on the national survey is also fraught with difficulties, an article confirms that we should be looking at the underlying scores, as 'good' only means good in 42% of cases, whilst 'very good' means good in 85%. We made this point to the GPPS some years ago, and the response indicated Ipsos Mori was publishing the information under instruction of the Department of Health, not necessarily on scientific grounds.