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October 2016
The practice received some help from the CCG lawyers in response to Dr Beerstecher publishing the evidence relating to the CQC report issued week earlier.

The email chain so far is on the right.

Just to show how helpful and supportive the CCG has been in the past, the report that the CCG provided to NHS England when they were informing the General Medical Council is also reproduced on the right, with comments relating to the accuracy of the report.

None of the regulators have ever enquired after the accuracy of the reports produced and crucial evidence has been withheld from Dr Beerstecher in relation to allegations made in a far, far past.

Other entries in the report relate to court cases, where the CCG tried to blackmail Dr Beerstecher into agreeing that some work had not been done by withholding payments (three thousand pounds were disputed but the CCG withheld ten thousand pounds until they were ordered to pay up by the courts, with the remainder being paid after the second court appearance).

You can imagine how grateful Dr Beerstecher is for all the friendly support and help offered by the CCG.

December 2016 update.
We received a recorded delivery letter on the 2nd of December, it seems the same as an email sent three weeks ago.

The letter is unclear and Dr Beerstecher had simply replied with a copy of the 'merged' file on the CQC page, which has the improvement plan at the bottom. However Mrs. Beerstecher caught sight of the paper copy and pointed to a long list of requirements, applying just to our practice and not to any other practice.

We have the same contract as other practices, with the same requirements and the same payments, the CCG is now apparently entrusted with the administration of this contract.

None of the requirements in the letter are in our contract, and none of these are demanded from other practices. They are therefore a vexatious abuse of position of the CCG. The CCG is threatening to close the practice based on these vexatious requirements. Dr Beerstecher has asked the Local Medical Committee for help against this latest spate of intimidation.

We are trying to continue to provide you with a good service, despite much time being taken by dealing with false accusations and vexatious demands.

August 2017 update.
We received an email from the CCG legal department that the breach notice has been retracted or suspended. The reason quoted is unclear, the CCG should take action if the practice is falling below standards, this applies to us just as to any other practice, whether it is contested or not. You can draw your own conclusions whether the practice was in breach of it's contract or whether the CCG cannot admit they had it wrong in the first place.

the Commissioner may take steps to terminate your contract