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Health information     On this website


A useful site for travel vaccines and malaria medication. The home office has further advice.

(run by a private company for the department of Health)

Find information on diseases and services; hospitals dentists and GPs.
Some practice information on the site may be incomplete or inaccurate.

National Institutes for health
(US information)

This site has patient tutorials about investigations and diseases. It is American so some things differ from the UK way.

The national institute for health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

This government organisation issues guidelines on the treatments you should have.

nformation about medication

The compendium contains detailed information for licensed medications in the UK.

We are not responsible for the content of the external websites.

Please note that practice information on the www.nhs.uk site, especially opening hours, practice details, whether practices are accepting patients and performance information may be incomplete or

Sites relating to regulation and complaints

Information from the local health authority. Find help in accessing other services like dentists or making complaints through
"the complaints team"  0300 311 22 33 england.contactus@nhs.net

The General Medical Council

Information about regulation and check doctors registration. Deals with some types of complaints about doctors. There is a section containing the outcome of hearings-- scroll down to reach the search box.

The ombudsman for Health

For complaints that cannot be resolved by the local NHS. 0345 015 4033  phso.enquiries@ombudsman.org.uk

Care Quality Commission (CQC)
Regulates, inspects and reports on healthcare providers. Does not directly deal with complaints about individuals.

Sites related to information on the practice and the NHS.

Guide to the NHS, introduction to the health service on youtube

http://www.gov.uk/  Department of Health website.
Some of the satisfaction survey information before 2009 is now archived. For 2007/08 it is on the hscic website. From 2009 surveys are published by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the DH.

GMS Contract
(the contract the practice has) and other contracting types for provision of primary care.

NHS Digital (formerly HSCIC.gov.uk)
Information centre, this quango (Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation)  holds some of the performance information on the Quality and Outcomes Framework and some information on patient satisfaction questionnaires. This site is difficult to negotiate due to the sheer volume of information and redirects you to sub-sites for some subjects.
Some information on GP income is also published here. HSCIC also houses NHS indicators, NHS comparators and GP outcomes.
It is also administering NHS computer contracts, and has become responsible for hosting the spine and referral systems.

This site held the information about practices, but has been closed by government and most data is now held by NHS Digital.

A quango that advices PCTs on contracts. Very little information is available unless you pay the 20,000 membership fee.

More comparison data for services.

National Patient Safety Agency
Quango concerned with patient safety and has a subsidiary that can investigate doctors.

Investigates doctors, previously part of the safety agency, but transferred to the NHS litigation authority in 2013.

and http://www.nhsemployers.org/  More quangos than you can shake a stick at.

Website maintained by a GP, this has information about the Quality and Outcomes Framework, presenting data in a different way from the ic.nhs site.